Letter: Thoughtful column on gun issues


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Seldom if ever are readers of The Berkshire Eagle able to get unbiased editorial comment on gun ownership and the use of guns. There is no middle ground when it comes to what The Eagle thinks as well as most other journalists who write columns for The Eagle. Fewer guns for law abiding citizens, by any means, is the only real answer constantly published in this paper.

On June 17 readers were able to see a thought-provoking and completely unbiased editorial comment written by Kathleen Parker: "Good guy with a gun. ..." A must read especially for people who carry guns in public.

This writer, without demonizing gun ownership, points out in a very factual way the dangers of carrying a weapon in public and the use of it under sudden adrenaline producing situations. She mentions recent cases where even the most rational person might make a very bad decision that can be life-changing. Her tone throughout the column was neither demeaning nor mocking toward Second Amendment advocates. This alone was totally out of character for The Berkshire Eagle and most of the columns regarding gun control published here.

It is sad that those who are convinced that gun ownership must be controlled at all costs are not able to address their position in a thoughtful and educational way such as did Kathleen Parker.

I applaud The Eagle for letting her column slip past the bias of the editors and give gun advocates something to actually think about when it comes to the use of guns at a moment when stress can make matters much worse and unchangeable.




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