Letter: Tighten our defenses against terrorism

Tighten our defenses against terrorism

To the editor:

I feel the only sensible way to deal with terrorists is for all nations of the world to keep all their troops in their own countries to protect themselves after the recent attacks in Paris and California.

Sending troops to other countries is a terrible loss of precious lives at a great financial cost of billions of dollars, which could be better spent helping our own countries. Troops could be on duty in schools, airports, and all public places.

I may be 85 now, but I think over the years of sad, and happy experiences I have learned many things. One big thing I have learned is life is very "precious" and we are dealing with terrorists who will even kill others and leave their own baby to suffer.

I also think we are giving away too much important information to the terrorists by reporting to the world, "They had found cell phones which could provide much important information." Now terrorists are aware to smash them.

Yes I have learned many things over my 85 years and now I know "I may be old but I am not stupid." This I quote from my 95-year-old sister! Both of us lived during the bombing in England during the Second World War, and know the horror of war!

Olga May Milligan, Great Barrington


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