Letter: Time to get on the right horse


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The Berkshire Carousel project has been an incredible undertaking, conceived and backed by former residents, Jim and Jackie Shulman, as a gift back to Jim’s home area, the Berkshires. Over 400 volunteers under the leadership of Director Maria Caccaviello, have participated in the carving and painting of New England’s largest permanent art project ever undertaken by volunteers.

Most people have recognized the carvings and paintings as true art and the carousel being much more than an amusement ride. The creation of a productive community of non-artists and those who were already skilled artisans has always been a prime goal of the project. What has been even more incredible is that the carousel will be completed this spring without the use of tax dollars/public funding and no large corporate sponsors.

The organization has been grateful to the individuals and organizations that have been sponsors, donors and/or provided in kind donations as supplies, professional services and space. When conceiving the project, the Shulmans agreed to seed fund and back the project. In return they only asked that the community provide support in providing a home for the carousel.

Unfortunately there are still a few outspoken skeptics who have never understood or gotten behind this monumental endeavor. Future generations will thank those who made it happen and Berkshire Carousel will be recognized as an important legacy. It is time for these skeptics to get off their "high horses" and get on the "right ones" by visiting the project and meet the people involved. It is time for those few to stop bad mouthing our community’s efforts by disparaging the location and the intent of the founders. It is time for them to realize the project always had a clear business plan and its only request was for the business community to share in the project with a home for the carousel.

And it is time to support that home for this million dollar gift to the Berkshires.

Berkshire Carousel began with a slogan, "Together we can make it happen!" It is happening and we welcome it to our community.



The writer is a Berkshire Carousel board member.


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