Letter: Time Warner strikes again


Look at your most recent bill from Time Warner Cable. We have two new line items on our invoice this month for TV cable guides, totaling $6. You can look up what is on TV online, so I called and then visited TWC, said I didn’t need those services, please remove them from my account. No surprise here, they can’t remove the cable guides as the digital box won’t work without them.

Since we have a negotiated price for the service we want, and it had to include the guides to work, it is reasonable to believe this was part of that contract. They must believe since they have a badly regulated monopoly they can split out parts of a service and charge us for it. I guess that is what we deserve since the region complained when Time Warner wanted to remove NECN from our line up. TW showed us.

Then again, the new CEO, who hasn’t been at the helm for three months, negotiated the proposed sale of the company to Comcast and has to find a way to recover the $83 million severance package he is getting.

Our elected officials must continue to put pressure on the company to improve service for the region.




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