Letter: Times are difficult, but focus on good

To the editor:

I'm finding it difficult to say anything positive these days. There are so many concerns — the horrible hurricanes in the South, the situation with North Korea and the many people who were saved from deportation by DACA who now have to worry about what will happen to them in six months.

However, I must disagree with those who saw nothing positive in Trump's second visit to Texas. I saw a man who, to me, expressed genuine concern and caring for the victims. While he didn't help prepare any of the meals, he was graciously handing them out. And for once, he didn't appear to be looking for a photo op as he addressed the people, especially the children. He showed his admiration for how well these people were being taken care of. For once, he didn't seem to be showboating, and I was really touched, something I never thought I would say. Let's stop nitpicking and give the devil his due.

As I grow older I am experiencing some of the infirmities of old age. I have macular degeneration, which makes it extremely difficult to read the newspaper, magazines, and anything else not in large print. A magnifying glass with a light gets me through the day. Since my condition isn't yet advanced, I am still able to get around and drive to the grocery store, but sometimes I find it difficult to recognize from a distance folks I know. It is frustrating trying to read directions on packages, recipes, etc.

I try to concentrate on the many good things in my life, some of which I think others may not feel are important — the workers in the stores who do their jobs diligently and are always pleasant and helpful, the people who work with my son and daughter-in-law who are loving and respectful and, last but not least, the angels who have cared for my husband the last five years at Hillcrest Commons.

I am lucky to have brothers who will always be there if I need them. And it goes without saying that seeing my children and their families always warms my heart. I feel so blessed! We need to remind ourselves every day of what is good in out lives and be kind to others.

Connie Dillon Yannone,



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