Letter to the Editor: Deplorable logic biological flaw


Paul Krugman begins his op-ed piece "Party of denial" (Nov. 26) with deplorable, sophomoric aspersions toward Sen. Marco Rubio pertaining to his Christian-held beliefs that the universe was created by God. Mr. Krugman continues with remarks such as, "it's funny stuff," and later makes mocking references to those who claim the world is only 6,000 years old.

Allow me to clarify a misconception on which Mr. Krugman did not bother to research. It is a fundamentalist belief, not one that any serious Catholic would hold, that the earth is 6,000 years old. And yes, the teaching of evolution, from an atheistic perspective, might undermine the faith of children of Christian persuasion.

Furthermore, in spite of Mr. Krugman's unwavering faith in liberal scientists, they have yet to provide any shred of evidence that God does not exist. A quote by astrophysicist Robert Jastro may shed some scientific light on this topic: "That there are what I or anyone would call supernatural forces at work is now, I think, a scientifically proven fact."

Also on the topic of empirical scientific facts, there is at least one more that Mr. Krugman and his liberal Democratic friends must bury their heads in the sand to avoid contact with. Life begins at conception, an inconvenient truth that any honest biology student can affirm.

Ignorance of when the earth was formed is far less consequential than ignorance of basic biology, especially to pre-born humans. RONALD DESILETS

North Adams


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