Letter to the Editor: No need to have home energy scored

No need to have home energy scored

To the Editor:

Senate Bill No. 2372 requires that a single family home, multi-family investment and condominiums will be energy rated with a scoring system before being listed for sale. The House version, H.4385, excludes the energy scoring system.

The Senate bill contains an energy and labeling system that stores and provides information regarding energy performance of single family residential dwellings, multi-family residential dwellings with less than five units and condominium units. The energy rating and labeling system shall include, but not be limited to, information regarding annual: (i) energy consumption by fuel; (ii) energy costs for electricity and thermal needs; and (iii) carbon or greenhouse gas emissions.

Does the state have a right to stigmatize a person's home and question what is the public's right to know by publishing the score of a person's home?

Buyers can and do receive the energy consumption prior to purchasing a home now. As a Realtor I ask my sellers to provide me with their fuel usage for the past few years as this is valuable information to provide to a prospective buyer.

The Senate passed this bill and it now will be going into a conference committee any day now to decide the final version of the bill. Please contact state Senator Benjamin B. Downing, D-Pittsfield, as soon as possible by email at Benjamin.Downing@masenate.gov or call his office at 1-617-722-1625 and suggest that the House version of this bill be passed and that you are not in favor of energy scoring of your home, multifamily investment or condominium prior to listing it for sale.

Barb Davis-Hassan


The author is broker-owner of Barb Hassan Realty Inc. of Pittsfield, and 2016 President of Realtors Commercial Alliance of Massachusetts.


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