Letter to the Editor: We're an oligarchy not a democracy anymore

We're an oligarchy not a democracy anymore

To the editor:

We've all heard the clichés throughout our lives about the need to vote. "It's our civic duty to vote." "Everyone's vote counts."

Then why am I having such a difficult time deciding on whether to put in an appearance on Nov. 8?

Perhaps I can't get excited about voting for the lesser of the evils. Or maybe I just can't get inspired to cast my vote for candidates with the most unfavorable poll ratings in recent history.

Well, to tell you the truth, it's probably neither of these negatives. Instead, I'm much more likely to commit this sacrilegious act for a very different reason.

First, as you certainly know by now, we no longer live in a democracy. Let's put the best spin on it and call it an oligarchy. It is crucial to understand that the country is ruled by a surprisingly few elites, insiders, which we call the Deep State. It doesn't matter which party the president comes from; he gets his marching orders from the real rulers.

I've come to think that the whole idea of holding elections is monumentally blockheaded. Millions of people stand in line to cast their votes for someone whom almost none of them really knows, whose policies few of them understand, which may or may not be pursued, and with consequences that are usually unknowable.

Without getting into what the candidates say as opposed to what they do once they are in office, let's zero in on the system that is so riddled with preposterous hallucinations and outrageous conceits that it requires the willing belief on the part of practically every propaganda-riddled citizen in the nation to hold it up.

But if they ever caught onto what a scam and a farce it is, the whole thing would fall down in a heap. There is no objective reality to it. It is all lies, lies, lies.

But don't let any of the above discourage you. Please express your civic duty and be sure to show up on Nov. 8.

Charles Steinhacker, Great Barrington


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