Letter: Too tough on bicycle thief


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Judge Fredric Rutberg came down hard on Horace G. Spratling, condemning him to serve 90 days in jail for stealing a bicycle (Eagle, Aug. 31.) As I read the article in the Eagle, I was stunned to read that 27 days would be taken off of the sentence as this time had already been served. That means that he has been wasting away in prison for 27 days just awaiting trail.

I suppose the worst is over for Mr. Spratling as he no doubt has already had to explain his incarceration to his fellow prisoners with a weary sigh, "I’m awaiting trail for stealing a bicycle." Ouch.

Who knew the gavel could come down so hard for something that’s just kid’s stuff. I wonder why the owner even bothered to call the cops, as the bicycle wasn’t even worth $100! God bless the person that really needs it. Seriously, I have three bicycles that I keep tripping over, and if you need one I would be happy to give one of mine to you.

Furthermore, in response to the August 21 letter from Shawna Norton, who pondered what became of Berkshire kindness, I hope that my letter reassures her that it is alive and well.




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