Letter: Transgender bill goes way too far

Transgender bill goes way too far

To the editor:

I am friendly with two mothers of transgender children. Theirs is a lonely complicated journey in negotiating life.

I do not think the so called "bathroom bill" — allowing transgender people to have access to all public accommodations such as bathrooms, locker rooms and showers according to their gender identity —will help them, and I believe it will harm many others. If Governor Baker signs this bill, male sexual predators could pretend to have a female identity, enter a bathroom or shower and assault vulnerable girls and women.

Many transgender individuals are satisfied with using single occupancy bathrooms. Making those available to transgender individuals makes sense.

Right now a joint House/Senate committee is trying to resolve differences in the two versions of the bill so they can send the final bill to Governor Baker. I sincerely hope he vetoes it.

The Senate version is the more radical of the two and would start as soon as the governor signs it. The House version would not take effect until 2017.

I am mystified that common-sense amendments were soundly defeated in the House version. Can you believe that Reps. Cariddi, Farley-Bouvier and Pignatelli voted against an amendment that would exclude registered sex offenders from being able to enter the bathroom of the opposite gender? We are talking about convicted felons.

They also rejected amendments that would allow parents to stand with their children in bathrooms and locker rooms as well as amendments to exclude private institutions and sex-segregated facilities in schools.

Please call Governor Baker at 413-784-1200 or 617-725-4005 and tell him to veto the bill.

Robin Greenspan, Becket


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