Letter: True meaning of sinister words


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In reference to Mr. Dartford's letter to the editor on July 15, he indicates that history must be true to facts, not the version "embellished" by the Holocaust "industry." The words he uses makes me wonder where he really stands, i.e. the camps that were "administered" by the Jews; the crematories that were "operated" by the Jews: the gold teeth that were "extracted" by the Jews, All these words make me realize what he's all about.

By the way, Mr. Dartford, the word we prefer to use is "SHOA" which can only refer to the six million Jews who were obliterated by the Nazis. No one is implying that there weren't other horrendous holocausts in the course of history. But, Mr. Dartford, your remarks are sinister and deceitful. You are covering up the true meaning of your words. We know them. We have heard them all too often.




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