Letter: Trump exploiting our deep-rooted racism

Trump exploiting our deep-rooted racism

To the editor:

Donald Trump's America is one that is "dystopic" primarily because of the prevalence of immigrants and people of color and "make America great again" is a dog whistle discrediting and denigrating blacks and other ethnic groups in order to stoke up anger and resentment against them.

His often-repeated rhetoric about being a "law and order" president is another coded racial appeal. Race relations discourse in America is quite sensitive and complicated, primarily due to a number of socio-historical events and the emergent Trump factor further complicates matters.

The country's history is unfortunately replete with incidents of brutality towards blacks who were victims of routine extra-judicial murders like lynching that generated untrammeled joy and excitement for white spectators. True, America has come a long way from this unpleasant past, but media archives and platforms like the movies also portray objective reality of the horrible days which anybody can access anytime anywhere. We are constantly reminded, and different emotional feelings are likely activated that inform individual response patterns on the race relations narrative in such an environment.

For instance, "Black Lives Matter" has been center-stage of the race relations debate when the movement's formation was a response to Michael Brown's death at the hands of a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. True, "All Lives Matter" is a normative fact from which the BLM notion and movement essentially derived. A glib response like "All Lives Matter" is a red herring intended to obfuscate and therefore is an intellectually dishonest argument against the BLM concept.

Trump's demagoguery thrown into the mix further makes the environment more toxic. In addition to his rabble-rousing, Trump's emergence within the Republicans' ranks is like that of the "Frankenstein monster" because Republicans were decidedly tepid in their condemnation when, since 2011, Trump championed the "birther" movement to routinely cast aspersions on the legitimacy of President Obama as president. Therefore, the train wreck that Trump is for the Republican Party today is a case of the chickens coming home to roost.

I believe, however, that this Pied Piper of Hamelin, followed by his handful of Republican cohorts, will be the only ones marooned in the cave because an overwhelming majority of Americans are smarter, have hearts for empathy and the empirical knowledge that America's strength and wealth as a nation derives from her pluralism.

Joseph Ebiware, Adams


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