Letter: Trump, GOP majority have created Utopia

To the editor:

As a conservative Republican, I can finally say I have found Utopia. The second greatest president since President Ronald Reagan in my lifetime is President Donald Trump.

I have the majority in the House of Representative, I have majority in the Senate (with a few exceptions), I am proud of all of them.

I have stopped watching CNN , ABC, CBS, MSNBC and NBC News, occasionally watching FOX News. I now know which news papers to avoid and those columnist not to read.

I see the liberals scrambling and sulking, and blaming everyone and everything for their defeat. The worst president in my lifetime is history; Barach Obama.

If you don't believe me, please try to avoid the above fake news media for one month. Happiness and peace will fill your hearts and for the long term, at least four more years, and probably six years you will find your utopia.

There is a God in heaven and he has made my life complete!

Thomas D.Gilardi,



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