Letter: Trump is a bully, and Sanders-Warren a winning ticket

Trump is a bully, and Sanders-Warren wins

To the editor:

Am I the only one paying attention? Are people really so beaten down, brainwashed,or dense that an admitted, pretentious bully can make it so far in our political system? Do you think it's funny? Is the dumbing down of America complete? Weren't any of you harassed or bullied or beaten up in school when you were young? How did that make you feel?

Or were you all the tough guy bullies yourselves, and now you just want to revisit the good ol' days. Let me tell you something. If you think George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were good presidents rather than embarrassments, you ain't seen nothing yet. What are people thinking?

On a related subject, on Sunday, June 14, I had a letter here entitled "Sanders should form ticket with Warren". In that letter, I politely asked Bernie Sanders to ask Elizabeth Warren to be his running mate. They are both on pretty much the exact same page with pretty much everything. I wonder what the hold up is. Didn't you read my letter, Bernie?

Hillary Clinton is a hawk who never met a Middle Eastern war she didn't like, but you can bet her children aren't over there getting blown up. She's a one percenter, has been forever. A bad day for Hillary is if her limo shows up late. I can't imagine she has a clue what all of us "little people" go through on a daily basis.

Bernie, that was awesome with the bird the other day. If you get Elizabeth Warren to run with you, three things will be taken care of instantly. Age — (after all, you're older than the Republicans, so you know they're going to cry about that). Gender — no need to explain that one. And 2020 and beyond — that age thing again. Elizabeth Warren could keep the White House and the Supreme Court in progressive, populist Democratic hands for another eight years after your eight. We might be OK.

Clark Terry Mahony, Lee


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