Letter: Trump is totally undeserving of presidency

Trump is totally undeserving of office

To the editor:

Though there is some comfort to be found in the recent polls showing Hillary Clinton's slowly-growing lead over Donald Trump, it is overshadowed by the fact that, even after everything we've seen and heard, the race is still so frustratingly close. While a presidential election should be about politics, this one is not: it has become more about human decency, or, in the case of Trump, its lack.

This is a person who has repeatedly labeled Latinos as rapists and killers, publicly mocked a reporter with a physical disability, and regularly refers to women he does not like, professionally and/or personally, as "fat pigs," "ugly," "disgusting animals," or worse. On top of this, he has an appalling lack of respect for veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our country (unlike the "sacrifices" Trump professes to have made by working "very, very hard" in his business endeavors), as well as "the blacks," as he so condescendingly refers to African-Americans.

Repugnant beliefs and behaviors aside, Trump is also vastly unqualified. He has never held public office and clearly has no idea of how our government works; he seems to believe if he were elected president, he could simply take over and "make American great again" by implementing whatever policies he sees fit. I do recall learning about the system of checks and balances back in middle school and, if Trump had paid any attention during President Obama's time in office, he'd understand how difficult it can be for the president to get anything done, particularly when other branches of government are not on their side.

However, even if it were guaranteed that Trump would miraculously resolve all of the issues facing our country, I hope we as a nation would never elect such a person, as nothing can change or excuse what he is: a self-centered, ignorant, misogynistic, racist bully who could not be less deserving of the honor of serving as president of the United States.

Megan Mackey, Pittsfield


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