Letter: Trump making acceptable vile, demeaning behavior

Trump making acceptable vile, demeaning behavior

To the editor:

This is how far we've come. A presidential candidate saying vile disgusting things about women, caught live on tape for all to see and hear. The end of the Republican Party as we've known it, you might say. Certainly the end of Donald Trump and the Republicans' chances to win in November.

Here is the problem with Trump's line of thinking. In the mid- to late-'90s I was a chef in a small diner about 90 minutes north of New York City. It was a busy little restaurant, with a local, blue collar, mostly white customer base. This was about the time Bill Clinton was having his whole "episode" with Monica Lewinsky and its aftermath.

Most of the railroad men and road crew men in the area ate breakfast at this little diner almost every day. A very loud crowd, with lots of opinions and raised voices. There was one morning when the television behind the counter had Lewinski on, talking about whatever, with a picture of President Clinton in the corner of the screen. One of the louder, more vocal contributors said "What Clinton should have said was, 'I'm president of the United States, if anybody should be able to have extra-marital sex with an intern, it's me,'" or words to that effect.

This happened in the mid-'90s, before almost two decades of demeaning, insulting treatment of everyone in this country who isn't white, male, and rich by the Republican right, And then comes the Donald Trump climax of such behavior.

There are millions of men in this country who not only feel and think the way Trump exhibited, they now feel validated and justified. They believe that all their disgusting crude and vile views about women are now not only acceptable, they are mainstream. If a presidential candidate can talk and behave this way and make it as far as he has, then all of their own vile, disgusting, inappropriate thoughts and actions and lewd behavior and unwanted advances must be OK. They'll vote for him because he thinks like they do and maybe if he is president they'll be able to get somewhere with their behavior, just like he did.

That's the real problem here.

Clark Terry Mahony, Lee


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