Letter: Trump movement extends across a fed-up nation

Trump movement extends across a fed-up nation

To the editor:

What is this "movement" that has controlled the 2016 political election by actual voters winning over big money? Even Donald Trump had no idea that the silent middle class people of the U.S. would come out of every corner of this land to support him for president.

The media show that they come from small towns to large cities. Republicans, Democrats, independents, blue collar and white collar workers, whites, blacks, Hispanics, union members and Christians — many of them in their 50s, 60s and 70s who are voting for the first time! They are all sick and tired of having every move they make controlled by a few hidden wealthy powers who actually run the U.S. government, including the Democratic and Republican parties.

The establishment tried to break the backbone of this country, and they are still peacefully, continuously, walking to those ballot boxes and voting for Donald Trump.

Millions of dollars have been spent in advertising against Trump. Every news channel and media outlet is against him. He is attacked at all Republican debates. And even with the riots of MoveOn.org in Chicago that stopped his rally, it didn't stop him from winning the state of Illinois! I'll bet you people here in Berkshire County didn't believe Trump would get 51 percent of the votes in Massachusetts.

Each day, the media are pumping out ways that the establishment of the Republican Party plans to get rid of Trump. They can change the rules of the campaign at the last minute. They can nominate someone else. Why do they want to get rid of this candidate who drew in thousands of new Republicans into the party? Because they can't control him! It's as simple as that. Thank God he was rich enough to fund his own campaign and doesn't have to obey the wishes of anyone who finances him!

And, if the Republican Party is stupid enough to choose anyone else to run for president that would leave two choices. Have Trump start a third party and take his voters with him or be eliminated from the race and we can all stay home and not vote at all. Either way, Hillary becomes president. How much is the Republican Party willing to risk?

Because so many silent people have come forward in such a massive amount, because they are showing that they have finally had enough of the atta' boy control over them and because we are all witnessing the elimination of the middle class, people who helped to build this country, Donald Trump has my vote.

Beverly Gianokakis, Lenox


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