Letter: Trump shamefully exploits tragedy

Trump shamefully exploits tragedy

To the editor:

After Sunday's horrific tragedy, Donald J. Trump said he wanted the president to resign because he refuses to use the words "Islamic terrorists," as if that would've prevented this terrible event. Maybe the way Mr. Trump treats Muslims and others who are not members of his white constituency helps to fan such hatred. And maybe his stance on gun control adds to these ever-occurring tragedies in our country.

I am not saying he is in anyway the cause of this tragedy but if we can project ourselves into the future and imagine what a Trump presidency would do to groups that already believe we hate them and that harbor ill-feelings toward us, we would be shivering in our shoes. Instead of praying for the victims and their families and friends, Mr. Trump sees this as a political opportunity. Nothing is sacred to him but himself.

When will my Republican friends who are supporting him realize what an insane, sick and dangerous man he is? A German newspaper referred to Trump in a headline as "The most dangerous man in the world." It knew what it was saying and having lived through the leadership of one of the most dangerous men in the world, Germans know what to look for. Do we?

Barry Marcus, West Stockbridge


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