Letter: Trumpian behavior is explained in nature

Trumpian behavior explained in nature

To the editor:

In case Eagle readers have not been able to explain to themselves the behavior of the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, I suggest that they might find an explanation in an analogy taken from the animal world: the alpha male.

In many species of animals such as wolves and chimps, the alpha male asserts his dominance by intimidating his rivals until they either submit to his surly dominance, or he challenges them in fierce battle — often to the death — for control of the pack. The alpha male's behavior reflects how he despises the weakness of his rivals.

Trump's meeting last week with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was said to be cordial. Trump reportedly came away satisfied by Ryan's conciliatory tone and words of reconciliation. But when Ryan announced that he was withholding his endorsement of Trump, the Republican candidate immediately and fiercely attacked Ryan for "blind-siding" him and belittled and threatened him with verbal attacks.

You can count on this: if Ryan and Trump find common ground at their meeting today [Thursday], Trump will turn and heap praise on his latest challenger while effectively dismissing him as the just the latest of his vanquished challengers.

Meanwhile, Trump's followers — including many women voters — will easily concede to his perceived superiority and defer to his leadership, thereby accepting the protection and security that his dominance is seen to afford them.

Now do we understand what we have in this Republican candidate for the presidency?

Carl Shuster, Stockbridge


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