Letter: Trump's 'Great Wall' is illogical, wasteful

Trump's 'great wall' is illogical, wasteful

To the editor:

Illegal immigration, no doubt, exists. Illegal immigrants arrive here from all over the globe, but the Donald has chosen our North American neighbors, the Mexicans, as a scapegoat.

Statistics show illegal emigration from Mexico has not only bottomed out, but has actually reversed. But Trump continuously campaigns for the "Great Wall," an incredibly wasteful use of American taxpayer dollars. Talk about a solution looking for a problem! These dollars could be used instead to repair our crumbling highways and bridges.

I wonder if Trump and his supporters have studied a map of North America. To the east of Mexico we have the Gulf of Mexico, the shoreline of which includes Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Does the "Great Wall" end at Brownsville? I guess it's going to have to be a little longer, huh?

I'm a white male veteran who strongly urges people like me, as well as my black, Hispanic, Muslim, etc., brothers and sisters, to put an end to this political nightmare on Nov. 8 and dump Trump.

Jack O'Brien, Lee


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