Letter: Trump's lies, antics are a good predictor

Trump's lies, antics are a good predictor

To the editor:

Donald Trump's behavior during the first presidential debate is a cause of concern to many.

His attempts to browbeat Mrs. Clinton by continually interrupting her, yelling over her, and frequently appearing to refuse to let her speak were a great concern for my wife and, presumably many other women. Clearly, the moderator should have firmly intervened to tell Trump that such behavior was unacceptable.

Furthermore, many of Trump's suggestions seem troubling. For example, what can one make of his intent to simply abrogate international treaties without any concern about how that action would harm our country's credibility in the future, or his perpetual attempts to defend Russia's authoritarian leader, or his continued insistence on hiding his income tax returns from public scrutiny despite the IRS's statement that releasing tax returns under audit was perfectly legal? These are very troubling signs because prior behavior is the best predictor of what people do in the future.

What is truly frightening is Trump's apparent inability to accept reality. In the face of clear-cut evidence that he supported the Iraq war Trump continues to deny it in the apparent belief that saying so often enough will make it so.

Is this the kind of person who should have his finger on the nuclear button?

Sigmund Tobias, Pittsfield


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