Letter: Trump's rise coincides with America's decline

Trump's rise coincides with America's decline

To the editor:

The rabble of the American people are collectively voicing a garbled opinion, one that is uneducated and that contains deliberately distorted false perceptions created by self-serving media, a self-serving NRA and a tea party-packed inept legislature.

Politicians love issuing platitudes like "Let's make America great again," "America is the greatest country in the world" etc., when in fact, politicians are the true source of the problems dogging this country. The United States is succumbing to the fate of other failed rise and fall governmental ideas of the past by believing its own rhetoric: "The sun never sets on the British Empire," "The great Soviet Union experiment," and "The Thousand Year Reich." China, you're next.

The rise of Donald Trump, a true jingoistic know-nothing, is no surprise. In this age of the virtual destruction of families here, there is a naive appeal to the sad, simplistic, paranoid childishness of this cosmetically enhanced blowhard TV "father figure" who supposedly has all the answers. The minds that he appeals to have been polluted beyond hope by the mental junk food of "reality television." Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and the embarrassment of Jerry Springer.

The media, which have served up the propaganda of demagogues in the past, are the perfect venue for Trump the Clown. Hitler was masterfully trained at appearing invincible to people desperate enough to believe any of his fabrications. Sad to say, that was also part of the appeal of the greasily coiffed paternalist Ronald Reagan, who also was masterful at reading the script and appearing presidential.

A few days ago, Ted Cruz had the audacity to mention Abraham Lincoln and Reagan as paradigms of the "greatness" of the Republican party. Never, ever, has a more blatant perversion of Lincoln's name been uttered. When the Republican presidential wannabes shout at and call each other liars, it is the only time when their observations are correct.

Just because anyone can grow up to be president, it doesn't necessarily follow that the likes of Trump and Cruz and so on ought to even be trying. Trump is no answer, he is only an indicator as to how far we are likely to fall as a nation.

Richard Harrington, North Adams


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