Letter: Trustees have failed Naumkeag, neighbors

Trustees have failed Naumkeag, neighbors

To the editor:

The Trustees of Reservations should be ashamed to call themselves the trustees of Naumkeag in Stockbridge. They are anything but.

The greenhouses were not maintained and fell into disrepair and were torn down. The hedge across the driveway from the greenhouses was not maintained and torn down. The gateway and fences on the farm lane were not maintained and fell into disrepair and torn down. The barnyard fence ditto, as well as the east pasture fence.

The main pasture fence isn't far from being torn down. The carriage shed is falling down from lack of maintenance as is the farm equipment shed. The terraced gardens have been turned into a parking lot. The barn went for over 30 years without painting. The pasture waterways haven't been maintained in 40 years and now cause water problems to their neighbors. Now they are turning the place into a night club with no regard for their neighbors down the hill.

Trustworthy , I think not.

Harold French, Stockbridge


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