Letter: Turbines threaten Peru, Berkshires


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

We decided to take a drive to Florida, Mass. out Route 2 to Tilda Hill Road where the wind turbines appear to rise right from the backyards of the houses on the road. It was a beautiful winter afternoon and there was little wind, but when we stopped the car and got out sure enough the swishing and thumping sound was like jet airplanes, just as described by those living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines everywhere from Ireland to our own Berkshire County residents.

The impact of industrial wind turbines is real. Impact to health. Impact to wildlife. Impact to property values. Impact to quality of life. Berkshire County specifically is targeted for over 500 turbines spread through the Berkshire Hills. The current proposal now before the Peru Zoning Board of Appeals is submitted by a company that was dissolved by the courts three months before it submitted the proposal in Peru, yet the plan is proceeding to the public hearing. How can we trust a company that is dissolved and what does this mean that the town can continue to consider doing business with this company?

Many questions have not been answered. This proposal will involve constructing the largest wind turbines in the state. I don’t trust the town or the company for such an immense project with this track record.

As more and more research is compiled wind as a power source may not be such an efficient source of energy here. Hilly New England is not the place for wind turbines of this magnitude. But the production tax credits means millions to the developer whether the turbines produce enough power or not and whether peoples’ quality of life is ruined.

I am concerned that if this project gives another foothold for industrial wind turbines many more will follow, also sited too close to people’s homes and damaging our ridgelines that protect and allow wildlife to thrive. Our best natural resource in this county is our natural beauty both for the lucrative tourist business as well as for recruiting prospective professionals and employees drawn here to make the Berkshires their home. If the wind turbine agenda is met more ridgelines than I can imagine in the Berkshires will be violated. Can we let this project go through with a company that is dissolved? What precedent is that for future large scale industrial projects?

If you are concerned, take a drive to Tilda Hill Road in Florida and see for yourself. A public hearing was planned and has now been postponed, leaving more questions to be answered. Please see garnethillwind.com for updates.




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