Letter: Turned off? Then turn it off


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

There were a few letters last week complaining about some specific advertisers on local TV. Apparently those who complained aren’t aware of another option they have. Turn off commercial television altogether.

Although my wife does watch some TV, the only programming that I will watch is Turner Classic Movies or PBS. While they do advertise their own products and upcoming events they don’t use the "in your face" method that became the mainstay of commercial TV and radio so many years ago. The medium has degenerated to such a level that only the really obnoxious advertising raises any eyebrows. In fact, we currently own a vacation condo that will soon become our home and don’t even have a TV.

I no longer listen to commercial radio either, preferring NPR and classical music over the canned and mass produced garbage that is not even locally programmed any longer.




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