Letter: Two to steer Williamstown anew


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I would urge fellow voters of Williamstown to vote for Andrew Hogeland and Hugh Daley for Selectmen on May 13.

I have worked with Andy Hogeland on the Williamstown Finance Committee as well as the Public Safety Building Study Committee. I know him to be a careful, creative thinker, and a person with ideas that can shape our town positively in the next three years. He does his homework, he knows what questions to ask, and he isn’t afraid to act, folks.

With the addition of Hugh Daley on the Board of Selectmen, we would have the beginnings of a new direction for the town. Daley is correct in his ideas on the way in which niche businesses would facilitate growth, and also in the way in which Williams College could help move the process along -- it isn’t pie in the sky, or old thinking about how the college will magically do something and save us. If we want a new direction, a new board so to speak, we need people that can get us headed down the right road and not the past.

Hogeland is a former corporate attorney, and Daley is a strong local employer. These are the two people that will grab the rudder and steer our ship anew, something that is desperately needed.

I am speaking on my own behalf, and not that of the Finance Committee, of which I am a member.




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