Letter: Unreformed Islam preaches gay hatred

Unreformed Islam preaches gay hatred

To the editor:

There is ongoing debate as to how the Orlando shooting should be categorized: Islamic terror or hate crime? There is no doubt in my mind: Islamic terror. Execution of homosexuals is part of Sharia law.

Islam, like Christianity, has taught that homosexual behavior is sinful. Most Christians have reformed their thinking; Islam has not. Furthermore, fundamentalist Muslims decree the death penalty. ISIS has even developed a special form of execution for homosexuals; they toss them out of tall buildings.

Every religion has teachings that the people disagree with. Most Catholics practice birth control. Thankfully most Muslims don't toss people out of tall buildings, but that is not enough. Where is the Martin Luther of Islam, who will lead comprehensive reform of Islam to create the religion of peace that they claim?

Muhammad was not just a peaceful prophet. He was a brutal and successful warrior, a politician, and a prophet. ISIS ought to be described as "fundamentalist," not "radical." Its behavior is exactly what Muhammad had in mind.

Ed Dartford, Stockbridge


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