Letter: U.N.'s failed priorities

U.N.'s failed priorities

To the editor:

The U.N. has more important issues than the West Bank and Gaza. Whether it ever chooses to open its collective eyes and do something about Syria, Ukraine, Georgia, Spanish Sahara and Tibet, among others, may be wishful thinking, but it doesn't mean that we should stop pointing out how much more important those situations are.

Similarly, when the U.N. fails to enforce its own resolutions on Iran, a country that supports worldwide terror, undermines Lebanon and has threatened to wipe out Israel with nuclear and conventional weapons, it further undermines its own credibility.

The U.S. should tell the U.N. to get out of New York City and open its headquarters in Gaza City. The UN spends 40 percent of its time on the Gaza-West Bank vs. Israel situation, so why not "live" there and see it up close!

William Barkin, Williamstown


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