Letter: Unstable Trump poses threat to US, world

Unstable Trump poses threat to US, world

To the editor:

Over the course of human history, evil persons have been able to gain extraordinary powers through manipulation, descendancy and/or force. The consequences to contemporaneous societies have been calamitous. This piece is too short to list them all, but names such as Genghis Khan, Nero, Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler come to mind, as do other modern-day "leaders" still living and who shall go unmentioned.

In Donald Trump's lexicon, these would be termed "strong leaders." Mr. Trump has authored a book titled "The Art of the Deal." Now, he wants to become a strong leader of one of the most powerful and important countries on the planet. And, this at a point in time when perilous distortions continue to build in the world economy.

In the course of his ego-centric manipulations to gain this power, he has insulted all women, Muslims, Hispanics, Gold Star families, and by inference, all veterans, immigrants in general, Native Americans and leaders of the political party that he has hijacked. How artful! Who is left to grant him this immense power that he covets?

He has sucked up to the polluters, such as coal and fracking interests. He has tried to appeal to the most greedy amongst us by promising to support repatriation of $1 trillion of offshore idle cash being held as ransom to our tax system by corporations who do not pay their fair share. And, he has promised to provide jobs to chronically unemployed persons, while himself being famous for casual firings and reneging on business obligations through various means, the consequences having been born by investors.

And, he has demonstrated gross ignorance of critical subjects and no intent to learn. He has properly pointed out that we have yet many unsolved problems. But, he has made no suggestions as to how to approach them.

Hypocrisy, incompetence and lack of integrity are not the primary reasons to reject Donald Trump and deny him this immense power. It is his bizarre behavior. The man is unstable. He is totally unfit to be president of the United States of America. In my opinion, Donald Trump is a threat to the world economy and to world peace, and potentially to the species.

He must be denied this power. The Republican Party should disenfranchise him and remove him from the ballot without further delay.

Dr. Arnold Piacentini, Richmond


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