Letter: US hubris, arrogance in Ukraine


The stand-off in Ukraine brings back memories of the Cuban missile crisis. That delicate situation was negotiated by two rational human beings: John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev. Both men, intelligent and sensible, knew it was unthinkable to go to war. So they worked out an agreement where the Russian leader removed his missiles from Cuba and the American president dismantled ours from Turkey.

But that was then, and this is now. Today, the United States appears to be in constant search of a war. Having learned nothing from our past mistakes in Iraq, Libya and Syria, we now threaten Russia with sanctions if it doesn't do as we wish. After what we did to Iraq, how hypocritical can a nation be? What are we even doing in their backyard? What does Ukraine have to do with the United States? Did we, as many suggest, engineer the coup there with a bunch of neo-Nazis in order for us to build more missiles near the Russian border? If so, that would take us ever closer to the world hegemony we so eagerly desire.

The Chinese, now ever closer to the Russians, think we have crossed Obama's various lines in the sand to utter insanity. They think we're crazy. I have to agree. Our arrogance and hubris absolutely borders on madness.

If we place sanctions on the Russians, they would retaliate by selling their stash of U.S. dollars so fast, we wouldn't know what hit us. The Chinese would then do the same, and in no time at all the world would be a different place. There are $16 trillion sitting in foreign hands that would no longer want them. The demand for dollars and U. S. Treasury bonds would vaporize.

It seems like everyone in the U.S. mainstream media is calling for war. A well-known retired general offered this brilliant piece of wisdom: "We can whip the Russians easy. They can't shoot straight. We should attack and send troops to Poland and send the U.S. Navy to take the Black Sea base from the Russians."

Let us hope that common sense and reason prevail over our insane hubris and arrogance.



Great Barrington


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