Letter: US shouldn't go down well-travelled dark path

US shouldn't follow well-travelled dark path

To the editor:

You don't need many words to describe a makeover for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Dye what hair he has black! Carefully transplant a half-inch of black hair above his top lip! Magically, we have another Adolf Hitler! Apparently not needed is the same power to control millions to follow his evil path.

Trump is filled with lies and disgusting feeling for others. We all know the results of Hitler's evil path! A Trump as our president will take our fine country down a path not to benefit any one other than Donald Trump!

I, for one, hope followers of Donald Trump wake up before he, too, brings our wonderful America down a path that even the rest of the world is fearing, except Russia!

Olga May Milligan, Great Barrington


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