Letter: Verizon doesn't hear very well


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I have Verizon for the phone and Internet at our home. Let me state for the record that the technicians who work for Verizon who have come to our home over the years have been great; they patched and got the system up as many times as it has failed us. However they are not magicians.

Seemingly Verizon Corp. does not like to spend money on repairing its faulty street wiring. Every time it rains the phones and Internet do not work. The phone crackles so bad it not usable in bad weather and the Internet goes down. I wonder as to how many others in North Berkshire have the same problem as I am sure its a large number.

I ask that those having problems flood Verizon and the Dept. of Public Services with complaints as to Verizon’s poor services and its collecting money for non-service. I called for service a week ago, the representative said he would call right back after looking at the line. I am still waiting for that call.

We get no help from elected officials as I called our local rep. some time ago and she was going to look into this problem. Must still be looking.

State and local elected officials are only interested in local businesses and not the people of the communities. This is what happens we elect the same people time after time to the same office.

Hey Verizon, can you hear me now?


North Adams


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