Letter: Verizon steps up in North County


On Jan 11, I wrote a letter of complaint about the telephone and DSL service provided by Verizon entitled "Verizon can you hear me now?" I stated that the technicians did a great job cobbling the Verizon service together. Today that statement still stands.

After that letter of complaint Verizon sent a team that has been diligently replacing boot covers and lines. They work in all kinds of weather, and many thanks to them for their hard work. So far, the land line to our home is clear of the severe noise that would occur after rainstorms. The noise lasted for days and made the service unusable. The other day National Grid came in and replaced the obsolete pole in front of our house, a Verizon request.

I must admit that Verizon has been spending a lot of money to replace worn-out boot covers and carrying lines. I would like to thank them and say that the people of this area do appreciate its efforts in making North County telecommunications and DSL Internet much more useable and enjoyable.


North Adams


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