Letter: Victim of hijacked health system


When Malaysian Airline flight 370 disappeared from the skies, every possible cause of this upsetting tragedy was examined, including the potential for a hijacking.

Instinctively private citizens around the globe, as well as politicians and news reporters, all contributed their theories to the cause, no matter what they were.

Yet when North Adams Regional Hospital announced it was closing, in spite of the fact the overwhelming majority of private citizens I know, instinctively suspected changes caused by the Affordable Care Act contributed to the board's lack of will to stay the course, that premise, at least within the columns of the Berkshire Eagle, remained AWOL.

Lest Americans forget, the Affordable Care Act was pushed through Congress without the vote of a single American. In a way, our health care system was hijacked by one political party, which had no more experience running a hospital or health service than I do. (I'm a car salesman) The idea and hope that politicians can fix the problem they themselves may be indirectly responsible for creating, is suspect at best.

It seems, outside of the people of Northern Berkshire themselves, the organization which stands to lose the most upon the hospital's closure is Williams College. As of their latest online published report, its endowment stands at $1.8 billion. A tiny sliver of that could buy a lot of bandages.

Considering the global competition institutions of higher learning face every admissions season, I'm praying that a non-political knight, (or should I say Purple Cow) in shining armor, will save the sick and needy of Northern Berkshire.

They also have the opportunity to preserve their standing as a prestigious place for young people to learn and stay healthy.




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