Letter: Vigilance is best defense against terror

Vigilance is best defense against terror

To the editor:

The Oct. 23 Eagle carried an AP article about the current rash of knife stabbings and vehicle rammings meant to kill Israeli civilians done by Arab, perhaps "lone wolf," terrorists. The Israeli police and military are very experienced in the war against terror in their own country. The mayor of Jerusalem has asked Israeli citizens who are licensed to carry firearms to do so.

With all these precautions, random street murders of Israeli civilians by Arab terrorists continue. On the front page of the same Eagle is a story about the killing in Benghazi, Libya of our ambassador and three other Americans by Arab terrorists. The thrust of the congressional committee questioning of Hillary Clinton was that if there were more security boots on the ground, those four American lives would have been saved.

Perhaps yes and perhaps no. The prevention of random killings by Arab terrorists in the country where they live is very difficult. We see that in Israel these days, where armed police are everywhere. President Ronald Reagan, surrounded by armed Secret Service men, was shot at by an assassin.

Radical Islam is at war with Western civilization. ISIS is sending potential Arab terrorists, mixed with refugees, into Europe and our USA. Every citizen must be alert to possible acts of terror, hopefully in time to call the police.

Martin Silver Lenox


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