Letter: Vote Abrahams in critical election


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Two very different selectboard candidates are before Great Barrington voters. Ed Abrahams has a 25-year career in business and nonprofit management, creating and controlling budgets, and managing staff and volunteers. Opponent John Beebe is out of college just a few years, with no management experience, and until this election has shown no interest in town affairs. Ed, in contrast, has been an active volunteer in the schools and for many community groups in town, and is now the chair of the Library Board of Trustees. Under his leadership, the trustee meetings are once again productive and civil.

To prepare for office, Ed has attended dozens of meetings of the Board of Selectmen and 14 of the 20 other town committees. He has attended the Chamber of Commerce meetings to help downtown merchants get through the imminent reconstruction. He is also a member of the committee working to organize activities to keep shoppers coming to town during reconstruction.

Ed is thoughtful, deliberate, and a fiscal conservative. While he recognizes our fiscal problems are complex, he has creative suggestions to expand the tax base and bring in jobs. (See EDforGB.com) Importantly, Ed has the time to put into this job. We rely on board members to study each issue, and Ed is expecting to give up to 15-20 hours per week of his time.

Your choice for Selectboard will drive many decisions for the town for the next three years. To best support our town and the current board, I urge you to vote for Ed Abrahams on Tuesday, May 13.


Great Barrington


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