Letter: Vote against animals being exploited

Vote against animals being exploited

To the editor:

I am writing to you today to ask the City Council of Pittsfield to carefully consider the vote to be taken on the animals used in circuses. I ask all the people opposed to the ban, have you really thought about this? These animals have to be "broken" to do the tricks that are asked of them. Do you know what happens to these animals when they "break" them?

I realize you are hearing from people claiming they are looking after the well-being of the animals. But I believe after having done a lot of reading on both sides that a tiger probably would not want to have to jump through a hoop unless the "handlers" had some type of instrument to keep the tiger in their control. An elephant does not usually stand on his front feet with his back feet above his head in the wild just cause he wants to. This is a very hard thing for an elephant to do and it's even harder to "break" him to do it!

If you think that they just do this because they love their handlers you are sadly mistaken. If you have an empathy for anything you would not want this to happen to these wild animals.

Please go and investigate how they do this "breaking" animals, really investigate it, read up on it, see it on youtube. The animals are usually babies taken from their families when they are little because it's easier to break a baby. Read up on it and maybe you will change your mind.

Brenda Dumont, Great Barrington


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