Letter: Voters asked to back Housatonic fire truck

Voters asked to back Housatonic fire truck

To the editor:

Please vote for the ballot question on May 17 to purchase a fire truck for Housatonic. This apparatus will replace two aging trucks with one, decreasing future maintenance and service costs for the town. Both trucks are frequently out of service requiring costly repairs. Pending short-term repairs are cost prohibitive.

The town has applied for a grant to finance 75 percent of the cost. If awarded, the truck will only cost taxpayers 1 cent per thousand, or $4 for the average homeowner. The town has only purchased three fire apparatus in the past 16 years. If this truck is approved it will be 8 to 10 more years before the fire department has another major capital project. Please support town safety by voting yes.

Harry Jennings, Housatonic


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