Letter: Voters ignored, insulted in Hinsdale


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I’m a little confused about the Hinsdale town meeting I attended recently. I was shocked at the way the moderator, John Conner, spoke to people. In fact, he yelled at people, including me.

I was addressing a question to the selectwoman, who is his wife, and he yelled at me, saying, "That’s enough, I won’t tell you one more time." I was not even speaking in a loud voice. Who is he to yell at me or any of the townspeople? He was very unprofessional. I know other townspeople feel the same way. I believe it is a conflict of interest to have the selectwoman’s husband as a moderator for the town.

We had a vote regarding our transfer station attendant, Bruce Stetson, who was voted back to his position by townspeople. As of yet, he has not been appointed back to work. Then I found out it involves the vote of the Select Board. There are three selectmen, two of whom want him out, including the selectwoman, and one who wants him appointed back to the transfer station.

Why does this matter when a room that is full of townspeople voted for him and two pages of petitions were signed? Why have town meetings if the townspeople cannot speak their minds? We are taxpayers and pay these people’s salaries. Should we not have a say?

I’m glad I went to the town meeting. I learned a lot: We as townspeople are to shut our mouths, don’t ask questions, pay our taxes and let certain people run the town.




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