Letter: Walmart plan wrong for city, businesses

Walmart plan wrong for city, businesses

To the editor:

In the June 19 column "The Bottom Line: Walmart Supercenter too good an opportunity to squander," Clarence Fanto says, "Super Walmart is a winner." This will hurt small local businesses, and no one wins except for Walmart. Doesn't anyone care?

People buy poor quality products and often buy more than they need because it's cheap. Walmart is a financial vacuum cleaner that sucks the money out of a community directly into the billionaire owner's pockets.

When we support small local businesses, all the money stays in our community, shop owners buy homes, raise their children here, support local events and organizations, and so on. That land was meant to bring in new industry to create jobs. It was not meant for an existing low-end business. This is a sell-out by PEDA. We have to attract new businesses to the Berkshires. It's not impossible!

I am proud of Mayor Linda Tyer. She is dealing with the crime issues and that is an important start to bringing in new people.

I once had a conversation with Jim Ruberto when he first became mayor of Pittsfield. I suggested assembling a committee of some of the best, brightest and most successful business people in the Berkshires to come up with ideas on how to revitalize Pittsfield. Jim told me, "They can do this without outside help." We know the rest of that story! Assembling more people with creative ideas for this property is vital.

Charles Flint, Lenox


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