Letter: Walmart will destroy a great opportunity

Walmart will destroy a great opportunity

To the editor:

Soon after the Woodlawn Avenue bridge was reopened, I had a few minutes to spare and took my car over this newly revived route.

The view from the bridge was truly impressive as I looked out over placid Silver Lake, reflecting the endless sky above. Beyond the lake were the quiet neighborhoods of lush green trees, rooftops and chimneys. Further west was the gentle classic skyline of downtown Pittsfield with the beautiful hills and sunset beyond.

I saw clearly how the William Stanley Business Park is situated on one of Pittsfield's most beautiful vantage points. The thought of sticking a giant Walmart there, with its equally giant blacktop parking lot and its exploitative retail ugliness was painful to consider.

I hope that city planners take the long view, resist the temptation for the proposed quick fix, and save this rare parcel for something truly productive and creative, which the original plans envisioned.

Steven Skoblow, Pittsfield


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