Letter: Warren court choice is win-win for Democrats

Warren court choice is win-win for Dems.

To the editor:

President Obama should nominate Elizabeth Warren for a seat on the US Supreme Court. She is arguably the best person for the job; she is superbly qualified by her legal training and experience.

She would bring the Court one step closer to gender balance. She is probably the most broadly popular woman in American politics today.

If confirmed, she would be one of the best justices this country has seen in a generation. Should the Senate Republicans reject her, or, worse, not even give her nomination a hearing, she would, first, retain her seat in the Senate: second, the Democrats would have been handed a gift-wrapped issue by the GOP. It could be used to help take back the Senate (Republicans are defending six Senate seats in 2016 in states President Obama carried, twice), and the Democratic presidential candidate could use it on a daily basis to scald whomever the Republicans select from the motley crew now seeking that party's nomination. It would be, in short, a win-win situation for the Democrats.

So, memo to President Obama: Nominate Elizabeth Warren for a seat on the Supreme Court.

Charles B. Dew, Williamstown


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