Letter: Watch out for Windows scam


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Be aware of a scam telephone call! I received one last week from, the caller claimed, the service department of Windows. It was informing me that Windows had gotten an error report from my PC. The report stated that I had a "DNS Malware Infection." I was told to open my PC and the caller would show me where it was located.

I got burned last year by this type of scam and it cost me $180 so I was cautious and did not open my PC. Once you let them have access to your PC they manually take over and do all kinds of mischief and then offer to remove the Malware for a fee. Just for my own satisfaction, I called Microsoft and was told that this call did not come from the company nor does it call customers and that it is aware of this scam.

I hope no one gets duped. Be aware!




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