Letter: Waubeeka plan works for golf course, town

Waubeeka plan works for golf course, town

To the editor:

I have grown up at Waubeeka Golf Links, and the thought of it not being there anymore sickens me.

The golf course has gone through multiple ownerships in the last 10 years and that is the universal sign that there is a failing business model. Closing Waubeeka's doors will not only remove one of the premier public golf courses in the Berkshires, but it will also cause 40 hard-working individuals to lose their jobs.

Closing would mean that commercial development and housing projects would come in and ruin the pristine area and take away from the beauty of south Williamstown. Not only would the residents in south Williamstown get a lot of new (and maybe unwanted neighbors), but large scale housing developments in the Berkshires are notorious for tearing up the land and then leaving it unfinished (look at Snowy Owl in New Ashford).

Creating a resort at Waubeeka golf links seems to be the last viable option in supporting a great golf course. The creation of a resort the size Mike Deep is suggesting would help offset some of the tax hikes that the school construction will assess, it will also add more jobs, and put Waubeeka on track to be profitable in the future.

The part that really confuses me is the perspective of the residents of south Williamstown and Williamstown's Planning Board. I am unsure what they think will happen to that land after Waubeeka folds and I do not understand why they would not want to put south Williamstown back on the map as a landmark tourist attraction. The Store at Five Corners is in a very gradual reboot to recovery since Green River Farms shut down, but that small store is just a stop on the road, not a destination.

I urge the residents of south Williamstown and the Planning Board to see the bigger picture here and think of the alternatives. Railroading this plan would be a major mistake in driving away business from a town that heavily relies on a college to bail it out of financial situations. Williams College already has a golf course, so I do not see it adding another one to its portfolio any time soon.

So please, Williamstown, reconsider Deep's proposition and think about the future of this beautiful area.

Robert Max Glick, Williamstown


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