Letter: We must be wary of a new McCarthyism

We must be wary of a new McCarthyism

To the editor:

It is undeniable that the shameful rhetoric of Donald Trump is trending towards that of the late Senator Joe McCarthy and the frightening era he ushered into America's politics and institutions a mere 65 years ago.

One has only to consider how McCarthy — and now Trump — have bundled immigration, subversion, terrorism, and the government's perceived inability to solve problems into an inspired device for dramatizing the dark imaginings of many millions of Americans. In this regard it is interesting to note the uncanny precision with which Donald Trump puts into words what so many Americans today so incoherently feel.

As a freedom-loving, democratic nation we now need to exercise great care and caution lest we allow ourselves to relapse into another era of McCarthyism.

Algird Sunskis Lanesborough


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