Letter: We say 'never again' but horrors continue

We say 'never again,' but horrors continue

To the editor:

Never again. These are words that have been repeated over and over again, atrocity after atrocity. But apparently they are only words and have absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

The unspeakable has happened and this country is to blame as well as any other country. "Blood for oil" seems to be our everlasting mantra and because of this we invade foreign countries to extort their natural resources, regardless of the religious, tribal or civilian consequences.

While performing these inexcusable "duties" yet another Hitler was born, not one Hitler but many, only they go by many other names. Not Nazis or Third Reich, but ISIL or ISIS or Daesh. They are the civilized world's worst nightmare. They want to return to the days centuries ago when only "man" ruled without civilized laws or any type of common sense.

They claim they are ruling by their interpretation of "God's will" or "Allah's will," but this is obviously just a ruse so they can exploit the fears of the "people on the edge" of civilization. How else can someone be brainwashed go to a café or market where only women, children and other civilians are just living their daily lives and commit genocide. They are not performing heroic wartime duties, but are committing murder for the many cowards that call themselves jihadists and are to cowardly to do these acts themselves. It is the dictionary definition of cowardice.

So why is it still happening? Does "never again" mean nothing?

These people (and I use the term very loosely), are 100 times worse than the Nazis ever were and better be dealt with accordingly. I am over 60-years-old and in terrible health, but if there is any way I can assist in ridding this world of these disgusting murderers, I offer my help. So should the entire world.

Don Munger, Middlefield


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