Letter: Weathering storm at Tanglewood


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Some say that adversity brings out the best in people. What occurred at the James Taylor concert at Tanglewood last Thursday evening certainly underlined this adage and made me proud, once again, of our community and its civility.

Under extremely adverse conditions consisting of thunder, lightning and winds, the many people on the lawn were asked to enter the Shed and stand in the back until the threat of lightning had subsided. The lawn "crowd," in the most orderly way, followed the well thought-out plans of the Tanglewood staff and cooperated completely, heeding directions, and safely "weathering the storm.’’ There were no incidents whatsoever, a tribute to all.

Kudos to the patrons, the Tanglewood staff, and the volunteers who took a potentially explosive situation and made the best of it. I always knew that Tanglewood was a special place. Our entire community should be justly proud.




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