Letter: What a difference a CNA makes


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I would like to thank Diane Weinstein at EPOCH Assisted Living at Melbourne for her reminder to appreciate and give thanks to the CNAs in the community ("CNAs are pillars of health care," letter, June 9). They deliver vital support to health care providers and the community of patients, residents and their families alike. The skills they acquire through mandatory training may be the foundation for advancement in health care as well as a career at the CNA level of certification Their dedication to compassionate care is unmatched. CNAs make a difference in the lives of the people they care for every day.

Take time to thank a CNA for their sharp minds to deal with challenging situations, their sharp ears that listen like no other, their big hearts to care for patients, their steel feet that they will use for on-the-go times, their strong backs to meet physical requirements or simply just thank them for the sparkling smile that brightens everyone’s day!



The writer is an RN and lead instructor, nurse assistant training, American Red Cross.


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