Letter: What is going to take to bring action on guns?

What is it going to take to bring action on guns?

To the editor:

As a citizen of the United States I find the events of 2015-2016 unfolding like bad pulp fiction.

First we have the year of citizens getting killed by police all over the country with no accountability. Then, after several debates where the presidential candidates attacked each other like playground bullies, we face the difficult task of choosing between two untrustworthy presidential candidates. The sad fact that the election has come down to a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton means that we have failed as a generation.

Now there are at least 100 dead and wounded in Orlando, and the government is trying to figure out of it's a hate crime or a terrorist act. I see the massacre in Florida as one more tragic result of congressional incompetence.

I don't understand why anyone in the United States should be allowed to own or purchase an assault weapon. Our elected congressmen and the people who elected them to office are collectively responsible for the deaths of those poor people in Orlando and the suffering of their surviving relatives, knowing that this is yet one more American tragedy that should have been minimized. What will it take for our Congress to act?

Armin Sternberg, Lenox Dale


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