Letter: 'What is the child?' remains only question

'What is the child?' remains only question

To the editor:

For decades now, one of the fiercest societal divides has been the issue of abortion. While reasonable people disagree on when life begins, it is worth considering that the child has its own separate DNA at the moment of fertilization.

Unfortunately what we see now is many people trying to determine whether someone is a human being based on what they are able to do rather than who they are. Some believe that life does not begin until the point of "viability" which makes the question of whether a child could live outside the womb the primary question.

This is dangerous because whenever you change the question from "what is the child?" (a genetically separate human being with its own DNA) to what can the child do you are no longer valuing the child as someone special just because of who s/he is. Love does not ask "What are you able to do?" It says "You are your own person. Therefore let me do for you."

Friday (today) marks the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision which added a right to abortion to the Constitution as opposed to letting Congress go through the legal process of amending it. By failing to ask, "What is the child?", the justices failed to recognize the need to affirm that each person is valuable because they are unique. Let us never ask any question about a person before asking who they are, whether they be born or unborn.

Gabriel Greenspan, Becket


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